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Welcome to My Preventive Health (MyPH) website network. MyPreventiveHealth is an organization that fosters state of the art Preventive Health Care by providing our web clients with education and quality information in the key areas of Preventive Health and Clinical Nutrition

Our goal is to combine the best of scientific medicine with the proven aspects of Complementary and Alternative Medicine to provide our users with accurate, topical information that users can share with family and friends. Website users can also use the information to assist their doctors in managing their health. Employers and Businesses can explore links that can assist them in managing their health care costs while simultaneously protecting the health of their employees.

MyPH Voice (www.MyPHVoice.com) is the Social Network affiliate of My Preventive LLC. MyPH Voice allows website users to network with doctors and other healthcare professionals on major health care topics and to share their healthcare experiences with family and friends around the world. Please feel free to explore MyPH Voice and the other MyPH websites at your leisure and contact us if you think we can improve our service to you in any way.

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